Hedgewitch powder is a new product exclusive to Starryeyedsupplies that has been designed, created and imbued at dusk, my power time, as guided by my matron Goddess, Morrigan.

Hedgewitch powder combines dried dirt harvested from under a magickal hedgerow to which I have a bond and relationship with herbs, harvested at dusk which has spiritual significance to me.
This energy is deeply rooted in hedgerow magick, a quintessentially British form of magick, and pertains to crossing the hedge and connecting to the spirit realms as well as the duality of the creation of borders and barriers.
Hedgewitch powder can indeed be used in protection magick, to create magickal barriers through which no negative spirit or magick may cross.

Additionally the magick of crossing the Hedge is interwoven, to help you leap into the realm of the spirits, make contact with nature devas in particular and to access the realm of the Fae and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. It can help you connect to the Old deep magicks, understanding the magick of the land, trees, plants and hedgerows and ask them for aid in the lessons of the spirit.
This powder can help you to evolve, take the next step along your spiritual path.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Hedge Witch - Hedge Boundary powder