★Magick of the Hedgerow, Connect you to your inner Hedge Witch, open your psychic senses to the liminal spaces.★


This particular essence engages the harvest of the wild green witch who connects to the spirits of the Hedgerow and alchemizes the bounty therein.

She speaks in the old tongue and magick reverberates through her potions, she takes flight with salves and oils, heals the sick and protects the wildlife.

“The hedgerow knows,” she whispers with a knowing wink, and it’s true; as a liminal point of the inbetween, spirits come to the hedgerow and spill their secrets.


Sometimes in our busy lives we can feel disconnected from Nature, the Green Spirits, the Earth Mother, and our own witchiness. It can feel like we live in concrete jungles and our senses are dulled from being disconnected from the Earth.
The energy of Hedgewitch is designed around the archetype of the Medicine Woman and Wild Witch for whom connection to the land was a matter of course, it was everyday life. It connects us to Her ancient wisdom and helps us to embody it within ourselves.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Hedgewitch Spell Oil