"In mourning" A Morrigan Herbal Blend

"In mourning"  A Morrigan Herbal Blend was a requested item that helps to create a spiritual connection to the Goddess Morrigan in those times of life in which we feel most vulnerable.
The loss of a loved one, significant other, Friend or Furbaby can leave us feeling empty and disillusioned; grief and periods of mourning can be the hardest periods of life in which to cope and find our way through.
"In mourning" A Morrigan blend calls out to the Goddess Morrigan, who presides over Death and Rebirth, at such times, petitioning Her to aid us with Her strength, will and resolve, in order to help us to cement our own. The herbal blend honours those that have passed through the veil, celebrating their lives and the ways in which they touched our lives. It helps us to carry the happy memories and slowly heal the hurt of loss and mourning.


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