Is The Morrigan Calling - 101 Course in Spiritual Pathwalking & Personal Gnosis is a course aimed at beginners and contains 4 videos around 30-40 mins each covering 4 key topics (as well as a PDF with journal prompts and additional information) that I feel are important for new practitioners to know: 


1.    Is The Morrigan Calling? - ★ Omens, Intuition and signs ★
2.    Is The Morrigan Calling? - ★ Devotion, Daily Practice, Embodiment ★
3.    Is The Morrigan Calling? - ★ Building an Altar ★
4.    Is The Morrigan Calling? - ★ The Painful path and Sovereignty ★


These areas are designed to inform an individual in some of the shaping of their personal practice, and are not designed as reconstruction of Her mythology. 
The course assumes some prior knowledge of The Morrigan and instead is aimed at common spiritual enquiries from those who feel lost at how to shape their spiritual path when communing and working with The Morrigan. 


This is not intended as a full path working guide but instead is for beginners.


You will receive a PDF to download with the information as well as links to the 4 videos, and a FREE consultation to discuss anything else you would like.


THE KNOW-HOW: What You'll Learn: 


★ How to identify omens and signs when it comes to The Morrigan - and help you to answer the question "Is the Morrigan calling me?" 
We talk about dreams, signs, FAQ's and more.


★ How to journal and listen to your intuition when it comes to working with The Morrigan - figuring out what Personal Gnosis is, what it means for you, and how to validate your own experiences.


★ Which animals are associated with The Morrigan, and what happens if the animal energy you identify with is not within the mythology.


★ What it means to 'embody'your spiritual practice - or How to work with The Morrigan every single day.


★ How to build an altar to The Morrigan


★ Basic recipes & Spells to help you work with The Morrigan - (such as the altar wash recipe for cleansing & dedicating your space.)


★ How to handle walking the path of The Morrigan when it feels difficult - advice, discussions and journal prompts.




Is this a guide on the mythology of The Morrigan? 
No, this course focuses on the beginnings of building your personal spiritual relationship with The Morrigan, but book recommendations are included.


Will this help me to connect with The Morrigan? If you have been called by The Morrigan, this guide can help you connect and deepen that connection in the beginning. It is a 101 guide that I think are some of the most helpful things to know about path-walking with The Morrigan.


Is the Morrigan dangerous or a Demon? The Morrigan is a Goddess, and never has been nor ever will be a demon (a christian concept for lessening Goddesses.) You will not be in physical harms way working with The Morrigan. She teaches us the tough lessons - but She usually works with those who are survivors turned warriors anyway. 


Do I have to know all the mythology beforehand? Nope! I do not always have the best memory myself and often need to recheck the mythology and my sources - this is normal! We are all human. Resource guides are included.


Will this be the only course I ever need? Hopefully not! The Morrigan is a complex Goddess with many layers and levels to her mystery. This is designed to help open the door to her worship.


What if I do not understand any of the content? You are always welcome to email me with questions and the course includesa free One hour consultation (by video call or by email if you prefer) where you can ask any and all questions.


The GOODIES: What You Receive:


  • Is the Morrigan Calling Guide (Printable PDF Download) complete with

Journal prompts, Poetic offerings, Spells & Recipes


  • 4 Substantial Video lessons as listed above. These will not be deleted at any time and you can watch them as much as you like.


  • A One Hour Consultation should you wish to discuss your particular circumstances further! You are also welcome to email me questions.


  • Instructions on How to set up an altar, create certain offerings to The Morrigan including Blade dancing! And much more!


  • Future discount on the next Morrigan course coming likely in early 2021.

Is The Morrigan Calling - 101 Course in Spiritual Pathwalking & Personal Gnosis

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