Kiss of the Woodland Maiden - Spring Spell Cauldron

The Kiss of the Woodland Maiden Spell Cauldron is designed around the Maiden aspect of the Goddess, who dances bare foot in the woodland, surrounded by blossoming flowers and new life. It is imbued with energies for Spring, the Maiden aspect, Hope, Joy, Birth, New beginnings, Purification, Renewal, Love, Wishes and Fae magick.

"In the Spring Kissed Woodland
Dances bare a Maid
Young and pure and lovely
Strong and unafraid
She speaks of Birth and Promise
Of all the things that grow
Of all the steps you've yet to take
Of all you've yet to know.
So take her hand and breathe
And dance upon the Earth
For the promise of Hope and Joy
Life begins with Birth."

Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Remakes may vary

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