Love Potion Blessing salts for Love Magick

L'amour. L'amour. L'amour.
These beautiful blessing salts are packed full of the most delicious herbs, flowers, essential oils, and sparkles possible in order to bring all forms of positive love into your life... and even better they come in an amazing heart shaped jar which you can use in the same love magick (and afterwards!)

Imbued with energies of love, sexuality, sensuality, beauty, joy and self-contentment, they promotes self love on such a level to allow you to give and receive love on all levels.
The magick has been woven in such a way that the focus of where you would like more love in your life is entirely up to you; you can use these beautiful salts to draw in platonic love and friendships, sensual love and sexuality, emotional love and bonds, to draw your soulmate or to work on self-love and healing through the heart chakra. The base of salt gives a purified base to these love workings meaning you will draw honest love from a healthy place.

These Blessing salts would also be a beautiful addition to any Spring or Valentines celebration, Beltane celebration, love spells, or faerie work.

Blessing salts can be used in any number of ways; you can bathe with them to submerge yourself in their magick, either as part of a ritual of self love and healing or as a prelude to love magicks. Bathe with these beautiful salts and perhaps add a rose quartz to make yourself feel irresistable!
If you do not have a bath or prefer a simpler method, you can add them to a bowl of water (perhaps with that rose quartz again!) and submerge your hands, allowing those energies of love to flow through you, or perhaps as a cleansing method in order to restore your inner harmony and self-love.
You can also add them to love sachets or poppets or as part of love offerings to any Deity.

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