"Mama M" Morrigan Barrier powder is the third barrier powder from StarryEyedSupplies, and combines the original concept of a protective barrier powder with the energies of my Matron Goddess, Morrigan.

The history of red brick powder is a long one, in modern times it is most associated with Voodoo workings though it can be traced back to rituals and magickal workings in Ancient Egypt and red Ocre Clay is found in cave paintings from even further back.
With such a long history, red brick powder takes on a primal quality, backed by the ages, and taps into the Earth memory of magick. This modern Starry version is incredibly potent and will not let you down.
It is further imbued with the protective energies of Obsidian, creating a warrior energy that blockades against all negative energy trying to drain your home or space of positive energy.

Added to this are the protective energies of the Goddess Morrigan and one of her totem animals; the Crow. This aspect of the Goddess Morrigan sees all, knows past, present and future in order to forwarn you against trouble.
In terms of warrior Goddess energy, Morrigan speaks to us of creating an impenetrable Celtic Shield wall of protective magicks, which has been woven into this barrier powder.
The Goddess Morrigan is a shapeshifter, a lady of the borders, Goddess of rivers, for she transcends the mundane world and the magickal, crossing the hedges and borders both of land and into the otherworld in her role as keeper of the dead, who guides honourable souls to the Other side. Understanding the energies of shifting and borders so completely, Morrigan is also the authority on forbidding entry across borders; nothing can get through your protective lines if Morrigan is on your side.

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"Mama M" Morrigan Barrier powder