Introducing the first Mini Ogham Divination set here on Starry Eyed Supplies!

The Ogham has a rich magickal history, being the alphabet of the highly oral Druid tradition it is also known as the language of trees.
Many modern Celtic and non Celtic pathwalkers alike have found the beautiful magick that is attached to the Ogham, both for spell working and in divination.

This mini Ogham set is hand pyrographed and blessed with Celtic energies to enhance your life. The Ogham are all pyrographed onto locally sourced Silver Birch wood, which is one of my personal favourite trees to work with.
It is symbolic of new beginnings and purification magick, making it a wonderful energy to engage with on a divinational level.

The mini size of this particular Ogham set makes it ideal for those with limited space, who wish to carry a travelling Ogham set, or feel the need to keep their divinational workings private and secret.

Each set comes with its own bag (colours may vary) and a small Amethyst crystal to keep with your Ogham

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Mini Ogham Divination set