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Mini Snow Pumpkin Candle ★ Solstice Cutie is a perfectly formed little pumpkin candle for all your Solstice altar needs. 

Stack them, circle them, or place them at the entrance ways - Mini pumpkin candles are adorable and make a lovely edition to any altar.

I loved the Samhain ones so much I needed to make a little Soy Snow version! Lots of biodegradable shimmy too that's difficult to pick up on camera!


Soy wax with eco cotton wicking and candle dye

Burn with care!

Burn time approx 2 hours

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Remove herbs before burning 
Burn on a heat proof surface and dish incase of drips
Do not ingest

Mini Snow Pumpkin Candle ★ Solstice Cutie

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