Moon Temple is a beautiful blend that harmonizes with Full Moon energies making it pefect for rituals honouring the Full Moon known as Esbats or for creating a sacred space in which to honour and work with Lunar Gods and Goddesses.

The Full Moon symbolises magickal manifestation, the will and the drive to see magick blossom, as well as personal fullness and completeness.
Therefore Moon Temple has been imbued with these energies into its magickal matrix; it helps you to realize that you are filled with Divine energy and that you are loved by the Divine and more, you are capable of seeing all of your dreams and desires through to manifestation.
The energy of this votive is connective, helping you to remember that you are connected to all life and are never as alone as you might feel.
It can also help you to release negative emotions and memories and help you to enter the "stillness" of the Full Moon.

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Moon Temple - Lunar Spell Votive


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