This spell cauldron has been created using the energies of the Ogham Mor or The Sea.

The energies contained within this spell cauldron are for the realm of the emotions, emotional healing, easing depression and anxiety and washing away old hurts. Also can be used in the inner search for spiritual truth, divination, the psyche as well as personal transformation and rebirth.


The Ocean is vast, as yet unexplored, and symbolizes the depth of the Human Psyche. Within this is energy is almost a pocket of void space to be tapped into within the ritual circle; perfect for 'disappearing' off the magickal radar of anyone seeking to target you with negative magick.


The Ocean also provides insight to the unknown mysteries, as it is perhaps the most prominent example of a natural body to which we do not hold all the answers. Much like the psyche, the Ocean has many depths and changes the deeper we delve.



Perfect for any altar or shrine set up for Sea deities.


Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.

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Ogham Mor The Sea - Celtic Spell cauldron Candle


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