The Morrigan Eye Amulet is my personal take on a traditional Witches Cross or Gods eye amulet, but changed to embody the energies of my matron Goddess, The Celtic Goddess Morrigan.
Instead of the traditional Rowan staves, this amulet is made using Huath or Hawthorn; to which I have a personal relationship; and embodies similar energies to that of the Goddess.
Hawthorn is one of the three thorns that protect the Otherworld or realm of the Fae; only the tested and true may cross such a boundary and commune with the spirits there.
The thread is black instead of red, to absorb all negative energies and reflect them away from the space being protected. It has also been imbued with Obsidian for an extra layer of fiery protection; it will not allow any negative energy through its boundary when incorporated into barrier protection spell work.


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Morrigan Eye Protection Amulet