Nine Ladies of the Wood Beltane Fire Blend

Nine Ladies of the Wood Herbal Blend is an incredibly special and limited edition item here at StarryeyedSupplies.

It is based on the ancient Druidic concept of the Nine Sacred trees; the wood from each was annually required to create a Beltane bonfire to usher in this important Celtic festival.
Trees are sacred and spiritual entities that hold the deep wisdom of the Earth; each tree holds its own particular wisdom and adds something unique to the herbal blend.
The wood of the Nine combines to the energy of the Sacred Grove; an incredibly spiritual place where one can commune with Deity, Ancestors, Spirits and Guides.
The Nine ladies of the Wood blend is ideal for honouring a Celtic path and lighting the way to an incredible Beltane ritual, touched by spirit and the wisdom of trees.

Each one of the woods was imbued for three weeks prior to the New Moon before Beltane with a unique crystal to enhance their individual properties and was gridded together with Labradorite; my spirit crystal of choice that helps us to reach the mystical and spiritual. These were then combined and blessed in the energy of the New Moon and the Goddess Morrigan.

Burn as part of your Beltane ritual for an empowering and unique ritual experience.

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