Nordic God Thor Spell Oil is designed to carry energies of the Nordic God Thor, God of Thunder.


★Thor, Storms, Protection, Defense, Courage, Law and Order★


It is my belief that the Nordic God Thor has evolved throughout time and is one of those Pagan Gods that continues to have incredible significance in modern times. Thor dominated the Nordic mythology, one of the most famous concerning Thor fighting and defeating the World Serpent at Ragnarok even at the cost of his own life;


"Then the glorious son of Earth,
Odin’s son, advances to fight against the serpent,
in his wrath the defender of earth strikes,
all men must leave their homesteads;
nine steps Fiorgyn’s child takes,
with difficulty, from the serpent of whom scorn is never spoken."
 -- The Poetic Edda. Seeress’s Prophecy (Voluspa), 56


It is interesting that Thor here battles with a Serpent which could be considered a Nordic version of the symbol Ouroboros, as Thor himself has seemingly surpassed being only historically relevant, or even only relevent to modern pagans; Thor still embodies the symbolic status of an honourable masculine role model, a hero and warrior to be venerated and admired.

Thor has evolved through modern media two fold; media such as Vikings presents his worship as an idealised form of how ancient Vikings may have viewed him:

"May Thor strike you down." - Lagertha


Additionally the God Thor has evolved in Marvel Comics and movies which are loosely based on the Nordic mythology and continue Thors legacy as a mighty warrior and hero, who defends his people and lands, and is a beacon of truth and lawfulness.

The energies of The Temple of the Nordic God Thor resonate with Thors stoic courageous heroism, he encourages us to be better within ourselves and motivates us in all the battles that we might face. Thor taps into our humanity and evolves alongside us; reminding us that to be the "honourable warrior" is still hugely important today, even though the way in which we face warfare has changed.


The meditation and aesthetic of the Nordic God Thor Spell Oil reflects the battlefield on which Thor stands, reflecting a temple of Thor which is an Earthy war-like field, reflecting the pause before and following battle; echoing the resolute and determined energies of Thor himself, a refusal to be defeated, it is masculine and stoic, courageous and heroic. Thors temple is about sitting and strategizing prior to the battle, and the pause and reflection after victory.


All Starry eyed Oils are personally blended by me to a high witchy standard. All oil bases are natural oil, no synthetics. Oils may also include herbs, resins, roots, flowers and occasionally essential oils. All the good stuff, none of the ick.

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Nordic God Thor Spell Oil