★ ★★ Ogham Celtic Divination set contains...


★ The traditional 20 Ogham staves, each representative of a particular tree with its own unique divinatory and magical meanings. Carved, pyrographed and blessed by this Celtic Witch

★ "Affirmations!" - Spirit Tree Ogham Medicine Book - Physical copy; This fluxy look at the spirit medicine of each Ogham from the Druidic Tree alphabet presents you with a unique tree affirmation for your spiritual life based on my personal interactions with the spirits of each tree.

★ Print out of the basic meanings of each Ogham for divination


Why not try adding Celtic tree magick to your practice, starlet?


The Ogham can be cast in a similar fashion to runes, or one picked from a bag for divination.

Each Ogham can be used in spellwork aligning to its magical purpose, as part of an altar space, ritual, or as a meditation focus point, and you can use them with the affirmations available in the book to connect to the magick of trees in your everyday life!


Rowan (Luis) for deepening your understanding of Witchcraft and protective spells, Willow (Saille) for Healing Spells, Oak (Duir) for grounding work... the list goes on! 


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Ogham Celtic Divination Set - 20 Staves + Book