★Celtic energies of the Hazel Tree combined with its Ogham Coll, Wish fulfilment, Manifestation, Balance of Lunar and Solar energies, Opening the gates when you feel blocked from manifesting your life goals★


This spell cauldron has been created using the energies of the Ogham Coll or Hazel.


★ Hazel properties in Witchcraft - Wisdom, Divination, Poetic inspiration, Healing, Intuition

The energies contained within this spell cauldron are the balance of Moon and Sun; for between dreams and waking life wishes can manifest and come true into reality.


For energies of Moon and Sun, male and female, the balance within and without, dream magick wish fulfilment and manifestation. Whilst there is a strong element of faery whimsy present in this spell cauldron there is also a strong energy of balance contained within, to balance energies within your life that mean your dreams can come true.

The Ogham Coll or the tree Hazel is associated with wisdom and poetry within Celtic traditions; highlighting the intricate relationships between all forms of language.

Dreams are the language of the unconscious; our hidden desires and fears given form. Poetry is the language of the heart given structure through verse.
Wisdom is the language of the soul given wings through shared experience and the retelling of stories.

Magick is the language of the Witches and those who hearts still dare to believe in a language as old as time, listening to the voices of the trees, the devas of plants and the whistling of the Gods in the wind.


All of these beautiful concepts can guide us through life, though it is necessary to give them structure and boundary; dreams can descend into madness if we refuse to ground them in reality.

Our hopes can dissipate into nothingness if we do not structure a plan to make them reality.

Hazel speaks to the need to ground magick into the world, to create an anchor for yourself and your dreams. Your potential is limitless, but you must not only believe, but act...



Please note: The Cauldron's outer container is metal and it will get very hot when you burn them. Please take care to place the cauldron on a suitable surface before burning.

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Ogham Coll - Hazel - Celtic Spell Cauldron Candle


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