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Ogham Spiritual Salve - Hawthorn

New to Starryeyedsupplies is the addition of the Ogham Spiritual Salves; a beautiful combination of all natural ingredients including beeswax and herbs that celebrates the magical essence of each particular tree to which an Ogham is ascribed.
The recipes for each salve are based on this Witches experience with each ogham and has been born out of a personal relationship and deep respect for each tree, and contains part of the tree in question, as I believe it is not possible to embrace the energy of the tree without a physical attribute of that particular Ogham.
The spiritual salve can be applied to skin and is a spiritual ritual aid to help you connect to the energy of the tree or the associated magick, to assist you in your spiritual journey and to change your energetic vibration.

Huath - Hawthorn


This salve has been design using the energies of the Ogham Huath or Hawthorn and encompasses energies of strength, the will to succeed and overcome obstacles, love and overcoming difficulties of love, and the acceptance of all life cycles.

Huath Hawthorn contains the Lesson of Hawthorn; the overall theme being of the will to succeed and be victorious even in trying times. There is an undertone of personal self-love and protection to help you on the road to victory and remind that you that not only can you be successful, but you deserve to be.

The Hawthorn Priestess speaks to us, telling us that "No matter how much your aching heart hurts, you can overcome. We are the poise and grace in the battlefield, and as the blood drops stain the snow we know we have lived. We are much more than we once were when we were naive and innocent. We are victorious in our glory and we shall be so again."

Beeswax and herbs only

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

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