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Ogham Spiritual Salve - Silver Birch

New to Starryeyedsupplies is the addition of the Ogham Spiritual Salves; a beautiful combination of all natural ingredients including beeswax and herbs that celebrates the magical essence of each particular tree to which an Ogham is ascribed.
The recipes for each salve are based on this Witches experience with each ogham and has been born out of a personal relationship and deep respect for each tree, and contains part of the tree in question, as I believe it is not possible to embrace the energy of the tree without a physical attribute of that particular Ogham.
The spiritual salve can be applied to skin and is a spiritual ritual aid to help you connect to the energy of the tree or the associated magick, to assist you in your spiritual journey and to change your energetic vibration.

Silver Birch - Beith

The energies of Silver Birch - Beith are for New beginnings, Goddess energy, Starting over, New projects, Birth and Rebirth energies, Initiations, Fertility, Creativity and creating connections.
Silver Birch can also assist you if you are dealing with trauma and loss, particularly if you have lost what is familiar to you and you are afraid of the unknown, it can help you if you are resistance to change or struggling to cope with said changes.
The energy of Silver Birch is eternally hopeful and is a survivor, in ravaged lands Silver Birch is often the tree that first grows back, showing us the potential for renewal even after tragedy.
It can also be an incredibly protective tree, especially for women.

Silver Birch is a tree of gateways, to help you begin any journey, especially if you are undertaking a journey to connect to tree or Ogham energies, it is considered to be the "First Word" in the spoken Ogham alphabet which has huge significance in Celtic lore where magick was considered to be largely vocal.

Imbued with Snow Quartz energy.


50ml All natural ingredients, none of the ick.

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

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