Raven by Moonlight herbal blend

Originally a requested item, the meditation and energy of this herbal blend was so beautiful I decided to make it a permanent product.
It combines Raven energy with that of a gatekeeper, but whereas gatekeeper energies are generally solar in nature, Raven by Moonlight is of course, lunar.
The set is imbued with energies to help one pass through the gateways between the cycles of life, death and rebirth and as a result the herbal blend echoes the energy of threes.
It helps you connect to the energies of Ravens, who can come to you as a spiritual guide or in dreams. As Ravens were carrion eaters on the battlefields, the ancient Celts believed them to be able to usher souls into the Underworld, and therefore had the magickal ability to pass through these gateways unhindered and unharmed.

For Raven guards the portal through the Moon, balancing introspection, personal reflection and readiness in order to gain personal transformation.
"Raven by Day
Raven by Night
Be my Inner guide
In the Moonlight."  - J.Morris 2015

The blend is a unique recipe of flowers, herbs and resins that can be burned as an incense on a charcoal disc or used in all forms of herbal magick

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