Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies a completely different kind of Spell candle - The Realm Journeying candles within a jar!

Each realm candle is designed around the concept of containing access to a whole other 'realm' of existence.
Each jar is decorated with an appropriate sigil to help you 'begin' and 'end' your magickal journey work; with plenty of Starry Eyed Supplies Shimmy Shimmy, of course!

Portal yourself to another realm of existence in an evocative ritual; focus on the sigil and allow yourself to enter a meditative state with these unique Journeying candles, portal yourself to another plane of reality and expand your spiritual lessons!

★Angrboda, Iron Wood, Nordic pathworking, Void of Creation★

Realm Journeying Candle - Angrboda of the Iron Woods has been created to aid you to portal yourself to the Iron Woods and honour the Giantess (Goddess) Angrboda, best known in mythology for being a mother; She is most associated with the so-called monstrous children she bore Loki; Fenrir, Jormungandr, and the Goddess Hel, although she is also thought to have birthed a line of semi-divine heroes and the Goddess of the aurora borealis, Gerda.

"The Giantess Old
In Ironwood sat
In the East 
And bore the brood of Fenrir..."  - Voluspa The Poetic Edda

Outside of her relationship with Loki, little is mentioned about this ferocious Giantess who some describe to be a Goddess in her own right and it is only the bias within the retelling of the mythology that demotes her to a Giantess.
Further some have identified the Goddess Angrboda with having a similar story to that of the Goddess Lilith, and have made comparisons about strong female archetypes who are proud and bold in their own power (and thus end up serving as a cautionary tale in patriarchal retellings of their story.)
Certainly the children of both Goddesses are said to be so called monsters (debatable) and both mothers have their children taken away from them.

Outside of this scant mythos, is the personal meditation that manifested along with connection to Angrboda; which was that of a Goddess very much connected to void and chaos energy; a bold, proud and powerful Goddess capable of birthing creation and destruction from nothingness, who teaches tough lessons in self reliance and awareness.
She challenges us to look past perception and even carries an energy of the unknowable (which She certainly passed on to her daughter the Goddess Hel,) and asks us if we dare look into the void for answers, if we are strong enough to be remade, challenged, and emboldened. 

Angrboda certainly exists within a realm of Shadows, where reality shapeshifts (as does the Goddess herself) and Her mighty presence cannot be denied. She is primordial, ferocious, and unrelenting. Her lessons whilst daunting, are life changing.

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Realm Journeying Candle - Angrboda of the Iron Woods