Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies a completely different kind of Spell candle - The Realm Journeying candles within a jar!

Each realm candle is designed around the concept of containing access to a whole other 'realm' of existence.
Each jar is decorated with an appropriate sigil to help you 'begin' and 'end' your magickal journey work; with plenty of Starry Eyed Supplies Shimmy Shimmy, of course!

Portal yourself to another realm of existence in an evocative ritual; focus on the sigil and allow yourself to enter a meditative state with these unique Journeying candles, portal yourself to another plane of reality and expand your spiritual lessons!


★Helheim, Nordic Goddess Hel, Death, Home of the Unseen★


"What is underneath is more than meets the eye. It roots and grows, shifts and shows us only half its' face. Listen closely to the undertow. See that which is hidden, listen for what is withheld." - Cris Ashburn


Realm Journeying Candle - Helheim ihas been designed to aid you in meditative journeying to the realm of  Helheim, one of the nine realms of the Nordic tradition, an Underworld, home to the Nordic Goddess Hel who is sovereign over the realm of the Dead. It is said by some that Helheim is home to the dishonoured dead, because it is the realm of those who have not fallen in battle.
However this seems to be a disservice to the Goddess Hel and the realm over which she presides, and only in the Poetic Edda written by a heavily Christianized Snorri in the thirteeth century presents Helheim in a negative light.

Otherwise Helheim is simply presented as a place of Otherness, where lessons of life and death intermingle and the ancestors reside.The Nordic Goddess Hel is respected far more than the other children of Loki by the other Gods, and always receives Her due as Queen of this realm, such as in the  story of Baldr, who sought to escape her realm.


Furthermore the realm of Helheim perhaps more than any other afterlife realm has an energy of Memento Mori; and crossing the boundaries between what is living and dead, for they are not as separate as humans would believe. Helheims energies also have an inkling of Hels' father about them; they challenge perceptions, forcing us to look into what is hidden within, and the masks which we wear.


Realm Journeying Candle - Helheim can be used in portal meditation work to experience Helheim, honouring the Nordic Goddess Hel, Ancestor and Death Work, and working with Unseen forces, such as spirit evocation. 


60ml jars

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Realm Journeying Candle - Helheim