Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies a completely different kind of Spell candle - The Realm Journeying candles within a jar!Each realm candle is designed around the concept of containing access to a whole other 'realm' of existence.Each jar is decorated with an appropriate sigil to help you 'begin' and 'end' your magickal journey work; with plenty of Starry Eyed Supplies Shimmy Shimmy, of course!Portal yourself to another realm of existence in an evocative ritual; focus on the sigil and allow yourself to enter a meditative state with these unique Journeying candles, portal yourself to another plane of reality and expand your spiritual lessons!


★ Healing work for depression, Grounding, Protection, Connectedness★


Journey to the spiritual realm of Avalon, specifically the Sanctuary of Avalon; the sacred Groves within this beautiful realm. Trees glisten with mist and dew, dancing in the breeze, light dappling across this enchanted forest. Be healed and connected on grassy banks where the tree roots meet the water, and harmony is a way of life.


Sanctuary of Avalon combines the vibration of the healing priestess of Avalon with the natural energies of the Sacred Grove; the Celtic Sanctuary, a place of protection, safety, grounding, and connection to the life blood energies found within nature.
Avalon is this witches' preferred meditative energetic realm within which to conduct healing rituals, and so this is channelled into all healing spell items for starry eyed supplies.

Sanctuary of Avalon channels these energies, providing a safe space energetically when working with healing the emotional and mental state (in conjunction with required medication and/or therapy.) Sanctuary of Avalon was created originally to aid easing depression.

Sanctuary of Avalon taps into the energetic ecosystem found in the spiritual realm and embodied by nature; so that when we feel alone and lost it can help us to reconnect to this energy, reminding us that we are not alone.
Sanctuary of Avalon has an underlying energy of grounding Earth energy to help us to clear ourselves of emotional heaviness and vibrations which are causing us to disconnect and isolate.
The Sanctuary of Avalon builds an energetic temple within your sacred space that helps to create an inner sanctuary, a safe space that vibrates with tree energy and of Avalonic healing, it brings the sacred grove into your meditation space.

The healing priestess of Avalon speaks: "We are One. We are one with nature, with the trees, with the Gods of Old, and with one another. We are never alone, for we are ever connected, here in this space. You are loved, and safe, and protected. You are free to be yourself. You are whole. Breathe."


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Realm Journeying Candle - Sanctuary of Avalon


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