Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies a completely different kind of Spell candle - The Realm Journeying candles within a jar!Each realm candle is designed around the concept of containing access to a whole other 'realm' of existence.Each jar is decorated with an appropriate sigil to help you 'begin' and 'end' your magickal journey work; with plenty of Starry Eyed Supplies Shimmy Shimmy, of course!Portal yourself to another realm of existence in an evocative ritual; focus on the sigil and allow yourself to enter a meditative state with these unique Journeying candles, portal yourself to another plane of reality and expand your spiritual lessons!


★ Spring, Woodland realm, Goddess Nemetona, Fae, Wood Spirits★


The beautiful canopies of the woodland realm, stones covered in moss, the ancient worn pathways of animals and fae...


Journey to the Woodland realm with this beautiful realm candle and sigil, to learn the secrets within the ancient woodland spaces and from the spirits that reside there!

The woodlands are an ancient source of medicine, mystery, and magick.

Living at the fringes of a woodland is a tradition within human history and lends itself to the liminal energies; those living near the wood were filled with both fear and awe at the magick of these ancient places.
One had to know the right medicines to take and learn the pathways; treating the woodland with honour and respect, for woodland energy is a powerful ally or a terrifying foe.


This also lent itself to the fae energies present within the woodlands, who could harm or help human beings depending on their nature and the level of respect with which they were treated by humans.

The most friendly are thought to be the moss people or wood wives, who would teach humans the healing power of plants as long as their woodlands were respected.


The spiritual journey within the woodland realm can also help you connect to the Celtic Goddess Nemetona of the Sacred Groves.
These are the temples of nature which are important to the Celtic tradition, and provide a spiritual connection to hear the messages of the Gods.


Cleanse, heal, and be made whole in the Woodland realm


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Realm Journeying Candle - The Woodland Realm


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