Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies a completely different kind of Spell candle - The Realm Journeying candles within a jar!

Each realm candle is designed around the concept of containing access to a whole other 'realm' of existence.
Each jar is decorated with an appropriate sigil to help you 'begin' and 'end' your magickal journey work; with plenty of Starry Eyed Supplies Shimmy Shimmy, of course!

Portal yourself to another realm of existence in an evocative ritual; focus on the sigil and allow yourself to enter a meditative state with these unique Journeying candles, portal yourself to another plane of reality and expand your spiritual lessons!


★Morgana Le Fay, Depth of Magick, Prophecy, Power★


For the realm candles for the Sorceresses of Avalon, the experience is a little unusual when journeying in meditation. 
Each realm candle for these archetypal magickal women is their 'vessel' akin to a cauldron that transports you to the heart of their magick and enables you to visit a realm of their magickal inclination and creation.


Morgana Le Fay


Energies of Morgana Le Fay - Morgana Le Fay walks between worlds, knowing the Otherworld, and the magickal places within our world. Her bare footsteps on the earth are charged with magickal power, and She is most at home in the forest under the nights sky.


Her realm speaks of bare feet dancing on the earth, bells jingling, hands raised to the night sky with the wind whipping around alongside the songs of the Old ways.
Magick is alive here, tangible, and anything is possible.


Morgana Le fay is the essence of a magical being; a Witch, a Sorceress, a Priestess... Magick is her great Love, her pursuit, her goals and her Birthright. She was born to be a Sorceress, magick pumps through the blood in her veins, it excites her. Magick is THE focus as far as Morgana is concerned, in every representation of her in myth her fascination with the magickal arts is paramount, with training, natural talent for and lust for more magickal ability and knowledge and to understand the magickal realms.


"Magick is our birthright." - Morgana Le Fay - Morgana Le Fay in Meditation


Burn with care

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Realm Journeying Candle - Vessel of Morgana Le Fay


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