★ Inner Radiance, Mirror work, hidden depths, bringing your best self to light★


"Reflections of Hidden depths" energy is based around the symbolism and magical purpose of Mirrors, combined with the Ogham Mor or Oceanic energy for hidden depths.
The Spell energy creates a mirror to reflect your hidden depths, the inner radiance that can be found within ones self, reflecting the best of you outwards into the world.

The symbolic imagery of the set is two-fold; Light shining through a mirror spreading more light, like a prism, creating more light and illuminating the best parts of ones self in order to attract what you desire; it creates a postive energy surrounding ones hidden depths in order to attract more positivity to you.
Secondly the symbolism reflects that of light rippling over the ocean waves; creating an energy of deep spirituality as well as as that of mystery; the magick of the Ocean also maintains an element of mystery in order to allow you to create personal borders within this magick whilst attracting more joy and bringing to light ones personal spiritual journey.
It allows you to showcase all the best parts of yourself whilst retaining an air of mystery.

Sea folk lore including mermaids and sirens have that element of allure, which adds to the attraction magick of Reflections of Hidden depths, and the Ocean is a natural mirror in and of itself, whilst creating an illusion of hidden depths. Water is also considered a conduit to the Otherworld and therefore works beautifully as a conduit to bring to light all the best parts of ones self.



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"Reflections of Hidden depths" Inner Radiance - Spell Orb