Come one, come all
To a Samhain ball
Where brooms will sweep
What you should not keep
Where the air is spice
All Pumpkin cast thrice
So breathe deep of this spell
And I wish you well! - Joey Morris

The Reversal Spice Samhain Votive have been created especially for Samhain - the Witches new year.
They are created for reversal magick ahead of the new Witches year, helping you to banish that which no longer serves you, and drawing in positive energies going forward.

Use the spicy magick of Pumpkin to cleanse and invigorate your personal energy as well as your home. Pumpkin spice taps into the energies of the year and makes your space smell Autumnal and welcoming... these votives smell absolutely divine!

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved.
Please burn responsibly.

Remakes may differ slightly

Reversal Spice Samhain Halloween Votive