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Each pack contains 2 Loaded Spell Candles


★★★ The Morrigan ★ Death Scream ★★★


★ The Morrigan, Badb, Screeching Banshee, Death Scream, Banishing, Return to Sender, Destroying malicious intent, Hex-breaking, Curse-breaking, Waning Moon Spells, Protection★


★Scent - Fully loaded spell candles packed with the energy of the screeching banshee - loaded with my own Morrigan War water mixed & dried into a banishing herb mixture of bladderwrack, poppy, pine & other herbs designed to blast curses back where they came from.


The death scream of The Morrigan can render entire armies inert or even stop their hearts.

Whilst these powerful ritual candles aren’t quite that level they will kill any malicious spell or intentions in their tracks.

They will deliver a curse or hex back to sender and seal the deal with an almighty shriek!


Created in a waning moon phase - ideal for banishing spells, return to sender, and a smidge of iron makes malicious spells inert.


Badb - the phantom aspect of An Morrigan is often associated with the Banshee.

Badb is a Goddess of Death - her wailing scream is an indicator of Her prophetic power over death

The death scream is something I’ve written about at length - the power of the voice in Celtic Witchcraft, the life/death vibration, the echo into eternity and the power of the spoken word

The phantom also walks the path of the grieving - the painful cry of loss.


This hauntingly beautiful ritual candle duo embodies the protective energies of the Goddess Badb.
The Goddess Badb is said to have let out Death shrieks that killed any enemy on the battlefield that heard it.


In her aspect of Death she can put to Death any unwelcome and dishonourable energies that seek to violate your magickal perimeter. Goddess Badb also best guards against malevolent spirits who might seek to enter and cause you harm; be they spirits of the dead or conjured thoughtforms from other magickal practitioners.


★ War Water is used traditionally in Hex breaking or curse breaking - the iron content renders spells inert. 

★Pine in Witchcraft - The ritual use of Pine and its Ogham Ailim is for Truth, justice, truth of self, divination, clarity, guidance for the 'best' path, help with decision making, to help uncover deceit or a liar as well as the purification of any poison - internal or external - that might be affecting your life in a negative way.

★Bladderwrack in Witchcraft - can be used in a variety of ways, to harm or heal. Bladderwrack can cause foes to have urinary tract irritation which can help identify who has been cursing you.
★ Poppy in Witchcraft - Poppy seeds can be used to create confusion, dominate people, delay paperwork. It has a strong death connection so can put situations to rest forever.


NOTE - Loaded Spell candles MUST be burned in a safe heat proof container and NEVER left unattended. 
Due to the herbs on the outside they can burn quite vigorously as they release their spell - I recommend putting them in a Cauldron. 

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


10cm soy wax candles with dried herbs
Burn for approx 30-50 mins


Ritual spell candles ★ The Morrigan ★ Death scream

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