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Each pack contains 2 Loaded Spell Candles


★★★ The Morrigan Phantom Queen ★★★


★ The Morrigan, Badb, Phantom Queen, Protection, Death Scream, Reclaiming Power & Sovereignty, Destroying negative patterns of self sabotage, The Self-Love that howls, Strength, Banishing & Releasing rituals ★


★Scent - Loaded with Dragons blood, Woad root & Storax resin amongst others - these beautiful loaded spell candles pack a magical punch!


The Goddess Badb will always bring me back to myself, time and again, even when I find myself ashamed in the recalling.
Her crow-like shrill shatters rose tinted mirrors and lets the vascular fluid pour from beneath the cracks, blushing petals mixed with void fluid; a horrendous, glorious and intricate mess of experiences and mistakes. Goddess Badb promises little except the journey, and the outcome.


A journey back to self, where I reclaimed myself, bloody and raw, curled up on the bathroom floor screeching at my Goddess... angry at Her, angry at myself for allowing myself to be used and lied to ... but a journey that would shape my independence in the end.

A journey that finished in real self love.

Not the sweet gentle kind that lavishes with sweet kisses but the furious indignant self love which banshee screams that NEVER again shall I be treated like that. Never again will I permit it.


Much has been said on the topic of self love, and the empowerment that unfolds from this process, but one area which many choose to ignore, even under the Dark Goddesses, is that fury, indignation, and even spite, have their place in the reclamation of self.


If the surviving Morrigan mythology tells us anything it is of the ferocity of warfare, a determination towards victory and the body-morphing ability of battle frenzied blood thirst. Such themes make many uncomfortable; but then if your aim was the sanctuary of your comfort zone you crowed at the wrong Goddess. One of the ways this priestess has found these themes have transmuted is in the concept of bloody rebirth;


"I see all who are born [In the] blood-zealous vigorous battle

raging [on the] raven-battlefield [with] blade-scabbards..."

- Kings arise to Battle, Second Battle of Mag Tuired


Many will talk of shadow self love in terms of healing those parts of your being which suffer, but forget to emphasize that the only way to make peace with these elements of the self is to travel through them; honouring what emotional states occur as they do so, screaming in indignation at dishonourable treatment at the hands of others, using the catalyst of spite to get the personal cylinders of inner fire active, and burning down all the bridges that tether you to a stagnant life with the match lit from fury. -  The Banshee Screams for You (Joey Morris).



★ Dragons blood is used in rituals of power, protection, and manifestation - it’s dials the energy up to 11 and takes no prisoners (very Morriganic in my opinion), it also promotes courage and protective shielding in dangerous situations. Also known as a “very good start” to any protection base!

★Woad root is a new one for me - having used woad in the past but not the root. It’s associated with war paint in general but the root has that Sovereignty in the land vibration.

★Storax Resin in Witchcraft - heavy, dark and evocative it is burnt to cleanse a space of negativity, eases sadness & grief and helps those wishing to travel through the astral realms


NOTE - Loaded Spell candles MUST be burned in a safe heat proof container and NEVER left unattended. 
Due to the herbs on the outside they can burn quite vigorously as they release their spell - I recommend putting them in a Cauldron. 

All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved ©


10cm soy wax candles with dried herbs
Burn for approx 30-50 mins


Ritual Spell Candles -The Morrigan - Phantom Queen

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