The Rulers of the Wild Wood Spell Orb combines the energies of Cernunnos, Stag lord of the Forest, and Elen of the Ways, the Stag and the Doe.
It blends the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, particularly within their Sovereign relationship to the Land, their energy moving through the Wild places of Earth, the Woodlands and the Forests.
The Celts believed that the rulers of a place, such as the Wild woods, were intricately linked to the Land itself, so that their Spirit moved through the Earth itself.
The Spell Orb taps into this energy as well as celebrating the duality in all things, within us, within nature and within the realm of Spirit.
It can assist us in walking between worlds as part of a Shamanistic journey and connecting to the energies of Nature, the Spirits and Devas of the natural world, helping us along the "elusive quest" of the Shaman to connect with nature.


Perfect for working with Deer or Stag energy and honouring Earth magick

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar. Hang them above your altar or shrine in honour of the particular God or Goddess, make them part of spell work by having them present on your working spell altar for particular spells, meditate holding them... the possibilities are endless!


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Rulers of the Wildwood Spell Orb