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★★★ Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder ★★★


... "Nemetona,
Of the Ancient way,
Who stirs amongst the Leaves
Opening the gates of welcoming twilight,
As moss-kissed branches stir, and beckon,
Into the Circle, away from the world,
This time-worn grove of trees..." - Joey Morris


★The Grove of Avalon, Forests, Connection to the Trees and Land Spirits,  connection to nature and the cycles of the Earth, grounding whilst meditating, enlightenment, repairing the aura, balance of the physical and etherical parts of the self, inspiration, life-force and shamanic journeying. Perfect for honouring the Celtic Goddess Nemetona, Lady of the Forests and Sacred Groves.★


Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder - has been created utilising the energies of the Ogham Koad or Grove.

Although Koad is a later addition to the Celtic Ogham, the Druids considered Groves to be sacred space where the messages of the Gods could be heard.

Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder is deeply enriched with the sacred energy of Trees; it represents the natural sacred spaces of Earth as recognised by the Celts... Sacred groves were natural circles or spaces in which to hear messages from and connect with the energies of the Divine, through the magick of Trees.

This Powder creates a sacred and safe space in the Grove lit by Starlight as well as Sunlight and hidden in shadow that helps us to ground and deal with the more difficult sides of ourselves and nature that can cause imbalance in our lives.


When dealing with "darker" or shadow aspects of ourselves, our tumulteous emotions and thought processes, this deep darker Earth energy provides boundaries and barriers to keep us safe from outside harm but also to structure ourselves so that we can stop behaviour and thought processes which are damaging.

The energy within Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder connects us to the "roots" of Tree magick to help us anchor.

It can also help when trying to calm or supplicate an angry or unharmonious Earth spirit or Deva, perhaps a community is suffering due to these restless nature spirits which are furious at being ignored or destroyed by the greed of mankind, as well as for forming connections in harmony with the natural ecosystem around us.


How to use Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder in Witchcraft

★ Create a poppet of yourself out of fabric or wax, and include the Sacred Grove - Tree Spirit Powder to embody the Earth and Tree Mothers within yourself and help with grounding and healing
★ Use some as an offering to a Tree with whom you wish to connect (all ingredients are natural and biodegradable, Earth safe. No harmful additives, and no salt.)
★ Cast a Circle with the salts to invoke the sacred grove into a space
★ Put around the base of a green or brown candle to evoke the spirits of trees into your space
★ Hold whilst meditating and chanting the Ogham (especially Koad, I chant it thus: Kooooooooooo-aaaaaaa-dddd")


My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirits of the Grove of Avalon - Tree Spirit Powder

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