Brand new for 2020 to Starry Eyed Supplies is the Egg-cellent new candle design!


Samhain Spiral - Rebirth Candle draws on the deeper mysteries for Samhain, embodying the magick of the Dark Womb Space and the Spiral of Rebirth.


Journey into your inner sanctum at Samhain, connecting with the womb space of the Dark Goddess.
Perfect for ritual work for honouring Goddesses such as Cerridwen, Lilith, The Cailleach, The Morrigan, Dark Isis (Iset), Inanna and more...


The Spiral is an ancient symbol of the journey within, as you hold space within the Sacred at Samhain, honouring the Dark half of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere. It symbolizes the energy of Know thyself, and helps to connect to the deepest corners of your psyche.
Unearth your potential, your past lives, and many soul secrets whilst travelling through the womb space of the Dark Goddess!


It should be noted that I personally believe Womb space to be multifaceted and not referring simply to a physical womb, but instead to the inner cauldron, the place of creation, where all possibilities are birthed into being.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Samhain Spiral - Rebirth Candle


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