Seelie Court by Midnight Spell votive is based around a Winter Fae energy and would make a beautiful addition to any Yule altars or Winter spell set ups.

The Seelie Court by Midnight energy is based around the visualisation of the Seelie court in Winter at a masqueade ball, under the cloak of night, dancing by the light of the stars, the Sidhe are majestic, beautiful, wild and free.

The magick energy matrix contained within Seelie Court by Midnight is for the inner wildness, personal freedom, the liberation of self and breaking the chains that hold you back.
In the darkest nights you can find yourself, throwing away the notion of others' disapproval, instead allowing yourself to be enveloped by magick and mystery.
Ecstacy, adventure and the Fae.

Winter lends itself well to this energy as it reflects the darker half of the year which encourages us to go within ourselves at a spiritual level and taking an evaluation of ourselves on a personal level, deciding what is hindering ourselves and holding ourselves back.
The wild dangerous Fae are often sanitized in fairy tales and are wilder and more dangerous than they appear, and they encourage us to look at this within ourselves; do you need to get back to that wild more dangerous aspect of yourself; stop sanitizing yourself, liberate yourself and allow yourself to be emerged in the deep magick, the mystery and ritual, embracing yourself for all that you are.

Find the ecstacy, whimsy and adventure and power within your magickal journey and honour the Fae and related Deities especially those associated with the Underworld, for Death and Rebirth; going to the Underworld is often synonymous with ones personal journey of self discovery and spiritual growth and come out changed.

Please note: Contains herbs burn carefully

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Seelie Court by Midnight Spell Votive