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★ Connecting with the archetype of the Wild Witch of the Woods, assistance & protection for astral journeys through the Spirit realm, Connecting to your inner Wildness, Empowerment, Enhancing your psychic senses when connecting to nature spirits ★



The Shades of a Woods Witch energy reflects how I visualise a Witch of the Woodlands, the forests, the trees and the Wild places that addresses the magick of the Deep Shadows, Shadows of the Self, perilous journeys, the darkest wildest places, the Primal self.


"I walk amongst the shadows
I walk amidst the Trees
I feel the Life eternal
Singing on the breeze
I understand the Darkness
I understand the Light
The need for stark cold silence
And the ferocity to fight.
I am a Wood born Witch
Hidden in the Groves
Walk with me by Midnight
In tree verse magick prose."
- Joey Morris 2016, Songs of Shades ©


This is a spell energy which lends itself to the discovery of the archetype of the Wood Witch and how that fits within ones psyche and within ones modern spiritual witchcraft practice.

Shades of a Woods Witch takes us back, back to a place of Wild Old Magick, where that Magick was free. It deals with the nature of the Woods and the relationship of the Witch to them, who understood the balance between Darkness and Light, danger versus safety, and finding a personal balance between all these things.

The Woods Witch understood that Witchcraft was not always a safe practice, requiring personal protection, hard work and self introspection, and of looking at the darker parts of Nature, the woods themselves and embracing the reflection of this within themselves.


They listen to the language of the Trees, understanding their Wisdom, true Wildness and even their anger, learning the lessons of the Witch, to poison and to heal, to be closer to the Earth and the Spirit of Nature.

Would make a wonderful addition to any magickal space or altar.

My own work, recipe and design all rights reserved.

For more information please check out the video!

Shades of a Woods Witch ★ Spell orb

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