Shroud of the Mourner is a sister energy within the Temple of the Dead, as it focuses deeply on those left behind, to heal those in mourning;

Temple of the Dead - has been crafted in order to help you create an energy matrix temple in which to work with the energies of Spirits and the Dead.
Temple of the Dead has energies that honour ones ancestors and the fallen as well as honouring the forgotten Dead.
It has long been part of my Witchcraft practice to honour those whose lives, loves and triumphs may have been lost to time and yet still matter within the great tapestry of time and energy.
Temple of the Dead is ideal for funerary rites and rituals, giving thanks to those who have passed and honouring their impact on our lives, as well as to the ancestors who, although we have never met, lived and died and gave birth to our bloodline.

Additionally Temple of the Dead has a cleansing and purification energy; it vibrates with a message of Karmic completion to aid us in releasing and cleansing anything 'clinging' where it ought not to be; blood debts that are not our direct responsibility which are negatively impacting our lives, spirits that are negatively attached to us or our space and aiding us and the spirits to heal old wounds that are caused by death and mourning.

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Shroud of the Mourner Spell votive


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