The Simply Starry Smudges are a brand new line here at Starryeyedsupplies, a beautiful loose herbal smudge to help you create your own Temple within your sacred space.
Each Starry Smudge is centred around a different energy of Temple in order to help you build your own energy space.
Each scent is created around a particular energy web to promote harmonous energies whilst smudging the space within; based on ancient customs of using herbs and smoke to purify a space of negative vibrations and psychic debris, each Simply Starry Smudge is hand blended and imbued by this Celtic Witch to pack a magickal punch and smell absolutely divine doing it!
For use in burning rituals of cleansing, on a charcoal disc or within a cauldron.
Each Simply Starry Smudge comes in a reusable 100ml screw top tin with moon sigil, contains a unique crystal tailored to the energy of the smudge blend, and comes with a wildcrafted Crow feather to help you smudge your space in Corvid style!

Simply Starry Smudge - Temple of Asgard  has been designed to aid you in meditative journeying to the realm of Asgard, home to the Aesir tribe of Nordic Gods, located at the pinnacle of the World Tree, ruled over by Odin and is home to Frigga, Thor, Tyr, Loki, Heimdall and others. 

Howsoever we choose to perceive Asgard, we can interact with the energies of its realm to commune with the Aesir and learn their varied lessons; it can be a portal tool in order to better understand the Aesir Gods, to commune with them, and for spellwork and rituals concerning Order and Chaos, Law, Honour, Family, Kinship and the lessons of the Magicians and Warriors.
The energies of Temple of Asgard are often for rest and preparation in going deeper in personal pathworking; this energy can open up the opportunity of communication with the Aesir, especially when one feels called but is unsure by which God or Goddess, or simply wants to honour the Aesir and learn from travelling to Asgard.


The simply starry smudges create an energetic matrix based on vibrations and layered scent in order to transport you to the designated Temple; Asgard is a temple of golden mirrors, the floors akin to a golden pool, with feasting tables overflowing with mead and food, there is richness, celebration, kinship at every turn; Asgard creates a temple of community and family; rich incense scents the air and the sounds of merriment continue long into the night...


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Simply Starry Smudge - Temple of Asgard


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