The Simply Starry Smudges are a brand new line here at Starryeyedsupplies, a beautiful loose herbal smudge to help you create your own Temple within your sacred space.
Each Starry Smudge is centred around a different energy of Temple in order to help you build your own energy space.
Each scent is created around a particular energy web to promote harmonous energies whilst smudging the space within; based on ancient customs of using herbs and smoke to purify a space of negative vibrations and psychic debris, each Simply Starry Smudge is hand blended and imbued by this Celtic Witch to pack a magickal punch and smell absolutely divine doing it!
For use in burning rituals of cleansing, on a charcoal disc or within a cauldron.
Each Simply Starry Smudge comes in a reusable 100ml screw top tin with moon sigil, contains a unique crystal tailored to the energy of the smudge blend, and comes with a wildcrafted Crow feather to help you smudge your space in Corvid style!


★Dionysus, Wild Shaman, Sexuality, Liberation, Intoxication of all senses, the boundaries★


The simply starry smudges create an energy matrix which is based from scent and magick to help change the vibration of a space, creating an energy matrix to help you 'tap into' different sacred spaces.

There is a pre-conception with the energy of the Greek God Dionysus that working with him will simply be about alcoholic intoxication and the loss of control that follows. Many magickal items are based around an association merely of wine, but I do not feel this honours the energy of Dionysus' work or the God himself.

Instead the Temple of Greek God Dionysus seeks to evoke an energetic temple within the Woodlands, to honour Dionysus as a wild shaman who lives at the fringes of society and seeks to broaden experiences as well as delight the senses.
Intoxication does not equate to foolishness, as wine can be a libation to the Gods and an instrument to altering the senses without losing complete control of ones self. Indeed in mythology Dionysus is shown to be wrathful and unpleasant when such loss of control occurs.

Intoxication and a form of madness can be utilised within a spiritual experience to induce trance and visions, and it is said that for spellwork to be a success one must believe in it to the point of seeming madness; without any doubt that the spell has already created its outcome even if it cannot yet be tangibly seen.

Dionysus' energy calls us to question much by viewing the line at the boundary of what is accepted within society and within ourselves; pushing us past our comfort zones and usual limitations in order to experience the unknown.
He calls into question the nature of a sanitized world that has lost touch with its wildness and vilifies ever pleasure, or else degrades pleasure and experience into lesser debauchery. Dionysus seeks amusement and fun within his worship, pushing back against a stoic approach to spirituality.

"Life is to be lived, sampled, felt, enjoyed. What a world is this that demeans pleasure into a traders tactic and saps all spirit from sensuality? Get to the borders. Go to the woodlands and walk, dance, spin, kiss and sex. This is what it means to be alive. Push past your ordinary, push your senses to the limit and gain a glimpse of the immortal Gods!" - Dionysus in meditation.


The Simply Starry smudge - Temple of the Greek God Dionysus energetically creates a temple, such as one exists, to Dionysus. In mythology, the God had no set temple, ever defying expectations - and as such the energetic vibration of this beautiful smudge transports you to his woodlands, to experience and be enriched by his intoxication of the senses. Not simply a drunken night but a sacred journey that pushes past conformity and drudgery.


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Simply starry smudge - Temple of Greek God Dionysus


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