The Simply Starry Smudges are a brand new line here at Starryeyedsupplies, a beautiful loose herbal smudge to help you create your own Temple within your sacred space.
Each Starry Smudge is centred around a different energy of Temple in order to help you build your own energy space.
Each scent is created around a particular energy web to promote harmonous energies whilst smudging the space within; based on ancient customs of using herbs and smoke to purify a space of negative vibrations and psychic debris, each Simply Starry Smudge is hand blended and imbued by this Celtic Witch to pack a magickal punch and smell absolutely divine doing it!
For use in burning rituals of cleansing, on a charcoal disc or within a cauldron.
Each Simply Starry Smudge comes in a reusable 100ml screw top tin with moon sigil, contains a unique crystal tailored to the energy of the smudge blend, and comes with a wildcrafted Crow feather to help you smudge your space in Corvid style!


Originally part of a requested set, Walk the path of Leaves - Heart Chakra Earth Healing Smudge is now available on store!

The key theme of Walk the path of Leaves is to help healing the Heart Chakra from any pain or energetic damage that has occurred due to emotional upheaval and pain; in order to journey to the heart chakra to begin this healing process Walk the path of Leaves encourages us to see the body and heart as a tree, rooted and grounded in the Earth, see the Chakra as leaves - some leaves are healthy whilst some are decayed and need to fall so that they can be fertilizer for new growth.

Walk the path of Leaves spell energy has an underlying breath of wind energy alongside its Earth energy; in order to purify the old decaying leaves from the Heart Chakra.

Walk the path of Leaves is for magical grounding, nuturing, creating an energetic support system, gentle healing and allowing the individual to cope with lifes stresses and pains. Walk the path of Leaves will help you create an astral network akin to that of a tree, where everything is working together in order to sustain ones self; to create an inner ecosystem of healing.
Connect yourself to the Sacred grove archetype meditation and root the Eastern concept of Chakra within Celtic Earth energies.

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Simply Starry Smudge - Walk the Path of Leaves - Heart Chakra Earth Healing


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