★Halloween, Autumn, Wish granting, Prosperity★

★Scent - Pumpkin Spice and everything Halloween, Spicy and Sweet★


"Ain't no basic in my Pumpkin Spice, Witch!" Tee hee!

“Pumpkin Spice and everything nice, because that's what lil Ghouls are made of!" - Joey Morris

All Hallows - For Halloween is a limited edition energy and scent that will ONLY be available until Halloween!
It is a secret recipe blend of Pumpkin spice and other seasonal scents that will leave you smelling delicious for the season; intended to capture the essence of Halloween in a vial, and you know how much this Starry Witch adores the Halloween season!

Accept no substitutes, reach for the essence of Samhain! Delicious, spicy and packed full of Samhain magick, it is the perfect candle to compliment all Samhain rituals, Halloween parties, or simply to scent your workings with Halloween goodness all year round!!!

This beautiful candle can also be utilised in magickal workings for new beginnings, prosperity work and wish granting. Attract positive new energies into your home and begin anew at the Witches new year!!! And if you're feeling in the mood... these beautiful incense sticks can bring a little sexy back!!!

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Skull Candle - All Hallows, Halloween