Frost light is a beautiful spell energy that revolves around the aesthetic of the Frost covered Earth in Winter, and the energies of Frost magick.

"One winter morning I awoke to see magnificent lines of frost stretching across my window panes. They seemed to rise with the sunshine and the bitter cold outside. They looked like little frost designs on a window... they remind us that we are not nearly as lost as we thought we were, that all the time we thought we were dead inside, beautiful things were being born in us." - Joyce Rupp Praying our Goodbyes


Frost light within winter is the gentle stillness that comes from awakening and seeing the world painted with frost; it is akin to discovering a new world, and beholding that with joy, surprise, and wonder.

Frost light is an energy that reminds us how to shift our perspective, especially amongst the darker half of the year, when the sunlight fades early and many of us are affected by that loss of light.

Winter can seem a barren time in nature, and the internal reflections that occur naturally at this time can sometimes be overwhelming; added to by the additional stresses of the holiday season.


Frostlight is a pause, a stillness, and a remembrance. It reminds us that we are connected to this world around us, and nothing is ever truly dead, but instead is part of the great cycles of life.

Frost forms natural patterns of beauty in the cold, if only we rest a while to appreciate it. 
And we too, must rest and appreciate ourselves, recoup our energies, and be gentle with ourselves. Frost light can help you to heal yourself in the winter months by taking stock of the wonder of who you are underneath, and prepare you for all that is to come.

Perfect for rituals for Yule, Winter Solstice, Healing after Shadow work and honouring the Season as well as the self.


Burn with caution on a heatproof dish
Individual candles may vary slightly

Snowflake Spell Candle "Frost light"