A new product line of blends designed for potent results, "So Says I" is a commanding blend to resolve situations in dire need of it when all other methods have failed.


To push through a situation to its end, make nastiness stop, command away negative energies, people or spirits, or force the admittance of truth or guilt from someone getting away with wronging you and yours.


So says I is a Commanding blend that does not suffer fools. It is designed with the 'hot foot' method commonly found in Hoodoo with a Celtic Witchcraft twist; it creates a 'heat' in any situation that presents an energy of urgency which cannot be ignored.


This blend is potent, and should not be burnt as it may irritate eyes (contains chilli flake.) Instead it is best placed in a sachet and left in a room to work its magick or sprinkled near the area in question.

All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved.

"So Says I" Commanding blend