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Brand new and exclusive to Starry Eyed Supplies is the third published work in the Songs of Shades series!


Please note - Physical copies of this Paperback may require to be ordered in to the store and will be available in batches. The books can take up to 2 weeks to arrive from the publisher to myself and then will be shipped out to you.


"Songs of Shades - Channeling the Dark Goddess" is a collection of sacred poetry channeled from the realm of Spirit and held within these pages. Rituals accompany these to enrich their meaning.


Vol. IV contains all new ritual work, spells, and channeled songs for the Goddesses. Each chapter revolves around key areas of spiritual and magical work; including songs of the Warrior, Healer, Priestess, Shapeshifter, Phantom spirits and the Witches!


Vol IV. includes (but is not limited to) Goddess work around:

★Morrigan - The Morrigan, Badb

★ Goddess Domnu

★ Goddess Brigid
★ Goddess Baba Yaga
★ Goddess Cerridwen

★ Goddess archetypes such as Goddess of Bone, Goddess of Roots... and so forth so you can connect with ideas behind the energies


May your journey with the Dark Goddess be inspired by the words that you find here, may they open up paths to spiritual elevation and wholeness.


We live in a world that often feels isolated and shallow, and sometimes we yearn for a connection that unites us and opens doorways to a journey of Soul.

Songs of Shades is such a manuscript, filled with soul kissed messages.
Many of the words within speak of tenacity, survival, and resilience, finding a way to resist when life feels as though it is crushing you underfoot.
With the Dark Goddesses help, not only can we resist troubled times, we can alchemize them into something powerful and beautiful.

Always find the liminal in between spaces, my friend. Be fluxy!"


Songs of Shades contains channeled poetry, invocations, rituals and spells, designed around the archetypes of: The Priestess, The Healer, The Phantom, The Witch, The Shapeshifter, and The Warrior.


All my own work and design all rights reserved

Cover art - Molly Roberts

Witch Book of the Dark Goddess - Songs of Shades, VOL 4

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