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Soul Songs: Personal Invocation to Goddess or God (Basic package.)

Love my book “Songs of Shades, invoking the Dark Goddess” but wish you could make a personal invocation request? Well good news! Now you absolutely can with the personal invocation service!


Let us step along the path together…


You are just one step away from the beginning of a whole new journey of soul, and your own personal invocation to Deity!!!

We shall weave magick of the spoken word, of Poetic Prophecy, the magical tradition of Oracular Witchery into a beautiful custom designed oratory piece just for you!


★★★ The Basic Package ★★★

★What do you get?

One original and unique piece of prophetic poetry which is channeled from and dedicated to the God or Goddess of your choice.

★ How does it work?

After purchase, you will receive a word file with a questionnaire to fill in and email back to me (all instructions included.) That gives me the bare bones of what you require from your poetic piece. Then I will enter sacred space and channel and commune with the Deity, invoking their sacred words.
I will then type this up and email it back to you within approximately 7 working days at most.

★ How do I use the poetry?
However you like! But some examples include: reading it aloud in ritual space, printing it off as an offering (some people burn the paper so the smoke rises to the Gods,) or you could read it daily as a habitual offering. 

★ Will anyone else receive this poem?

Nope! This is a unique piece custom designed for you and you alone. If you choose to share it with people that is up to you, but if you wish to make it public then I would appreciate my name being accredited for my work. Thankyou!


★★★ Any further questions, just ask! Send me an email, I would love to hear from you! ★★★


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