★★★ Spirit offering powder - For the Loving Dead ★★★

Every Beltane I travel to the graveyards and place rose petals on the graves of the forgotten. Those graves that are abandoned, crumbling, or vandalised.

This has been a part of my practice for as long as I can remember - and I was not taught to do this (by anyone in this lifetime.)

As the years have gone on, my understanding of Beltane has deepened - every year the phrase “memento Vivere” rings loud in my ears (remember to live.)

Beltane is the other gateway - opposite Samhain, and yet people tend to forget the ancestral connection.

All of those ancestors who lived, and loved, and were sexual beings... something we’re taught shame about for some reason.

The ancestors hum out at Beltane, “Remember to live! Remember to love!” And you are birthed from all their life force, all their experiences, all their memory made flesh.


It combines elements of my preferences for offerings (such as the Roses I take to graves at Beltane) and traditional spirit herbs and roots used to honour and appease the Dead.
This powder can also be used for honouring the ancestors, Healing ancestral wounds, encouraging a deep sense of self love, connecting to the power of life force, & unblocking energetic issues that stand in the way of living ones best life.


All my own work, recipe and design all rights reserved

Bowl and Skull not included in sale

Spirit offering powder - For the Loving Dead