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★ Offering Powder for The Morrigan in her role as Prophetess, Sorceress, Wielder of magic, focus on the magic of voice and breath and the power of the spoken word, Helps you to be heard in the Otherworld, Connecting with the Great Queen, Rituals of Sovereignty, Personal Justice, and being heard when no-one believes the truth, Commanding, Banishing ★


Exclusive to starryeyedsupplies in biodegradable pots (2 sizes available.)


This beautiful Spirit powder was made for the Morrigan, designed to capture the essence of her sorcery, prophecy, her magick.

The magical side of The Morrigan is often overlooked, but She displays many examples of enacting her will through magick - raining down blood and fire, her acts of Prophecy and forewarning (both predicting and creating the future), any time She Shapeshifts - all of these and more are the act of magic.


But further - The Morrigan instigates change. Whether that be for the primary motivation as a Sovereignty Goddess by deposing rulers so the land might flourish under better leadership or simply by punishing those who defy a magical contractual bond (Geis) - She is directly tied to the altering of the spiritual and physical landscape by the assertion of Her will.
This is the essence of Witchcraft or magical practice.


Equal parts evocative & resilient, the energy of this Spirit powder also provokes change within the energetic matrix.

The spirit powder draws heavily on the Ogham Blackthorn (straif) and contains wildcrafted pieces as well as a wildcrafted crow feather.


★ Blackthorn (Ogham Straif) - the thorns are used to bind and curse and it has a long standing history in European folklore as being used for 'blasting.' This makes it ideal for throwing back unwanted energy or spells back to where it came from. The thorns also pierce - through a situation, an energy, a lie - bringing truth and resolution.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved
Copyright in place theft will not be tolerated

Spirit Offering Powder ★ For the Morrigan

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