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★ Spirits of the Hearth, Home Blessing ceremonies, Blessing a space to make it sacred, Cleansing with Solar energies, Empowered energies to shift a space from stagnant to welcoming, Encouraging a positive outlook and attracting abundance into the home ★


New addition Spirits of the Hearth & Sol is a spirit powder to give in offering to the spirits of the home. Available in 2 sizes, comes in a biodegradable pot!


"Honour us spirits of the Hearth,

Bring warmth and healing to our hearts,

Help us to make this space a home,

A place of safety to return from whence we roam.”



Hearth & Sol home blessing powder - a decidedly summery version of Hearth & home - per request

You know when someone requests something & your imagination goes into instant muse mode & you’re cackling round the cauldron like a exuberant witch with the cat looking at you like you might not be okay…

… just me then...


But I am super excited by this idea for the home blessing powder and it came out looking and smelling delicious!

A solar infused home blessing powder for good vibes in your home to attract all that abundant goodness. Yes indeedy.


A play on heart and soul - with Sól being the Germanic Goddess - personification of the Sun - this beautiful Summery version of the Hearth & Heart powder is a vibrant and empowered version of the home blessing powder.
Ideal for attracting wealth and abundance into the home, it is a powerful version of the original which works on gently creating loving vibes.
This version just clears out any negativity without pause, accepting no stagnancy or blockages. It out shines energy that is lethargic and apathetic, bringing in a sense of courage and self belief.


Perfect for deep cleansing rituals of the home, home blessings, new beginnings, clearing out a space after arguments or break-ups, as offerings to the house spirits or for creating them (Hobbs.) 


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering powder ★ Spirits of the Hearth & Sol ★ Blessing Powder

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