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★★★ Spirit offering powder - The Morrigans' Psychopomp ★★★


★ The Morrigan, Crow Magick, Bringing Honour to the Dead, Carrying messages between the realms of the Living & the realm of the Dead, Amplifying psychic senses ★


This particular Spirit Powder was dictated by the Morrigan, right down to the ingredients (in the middle of another project!)
Sometimes the Morrigan calls, and regardless of what you're doing, you have to listen.

This ability to listen when important messages are coming through the spiritual ecosystem formed the base of part of what this spirit powder is for.


A psychopomp is a facilitator of messages between worlds; they stand as a bridge in liminal spaces and become a connective point between beings who might not otherwise be able to communicate.
Crows were thought to be psychopomps in Celtic mythology who also escorted the souls of the honourable dead (especially on Battlefields) to the Otherworld.


This Spirit powder is ideal for anyone struggling with blocks to their psychic senses when seeking to communicate with Spirits. 
We all receive communication differently - there is no one right way to do this, and that means trusting your gut instincts and learning the process. 
Even if you are naturally attuned to spirit communication, modern life can get in the way - stress, time, ill-health, pre-occupation and business are all common factors that create spiritual blocks.


It can also be used to honour the Morrigan in Her altar spaces.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

Spirit Offering Powder - The Morrigans' Psychopomp

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