Star Fox is an ethically sourced Fox skull that has been personally decorated and imbued with energy over 6 months and 6 full cycles of the Moon.

The energy within is represented by its mask paint; Star Fox has an energy of elevated Star & Moon magick, Cosmic Journeying, an aid in connecting you to your higher self and spirit guides, a flair for helping with wish fulfillment and elevation of your emotional mood and spirit.

This fox skull has undergone the magical process of spiritual alchemy in order to create a spirit housing or fetish for spirits.
The energy of the fox spirit remains with this skull; encouraging a buoyant mood, optimism and a sense of adventure, the energy within also teaches about glamour magick.


The skull was ethically sourced from a trusted taxidermist friend who rescues roadkill or collects naturally deceased animal parts. This fox had naturally passed over. 

This beautiful spirit housing is one of a kind.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved

"Star Fox" - ethically sourced Fox skull fetish


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