★ Lady of Avalon, Star Goddess, Hope, Illumination, Guided by the Divine Feminine, a guiding light to those who feel disconnected, lonely, or lost. ★


"I have ventured across this isle, my eyes ever upward to the night sky, wondering, yearning for something more… a connection to a higher purpose. It is all too easy to feel lost and alone on this Earth. I have come to the temple of the stars - seeking Goddess. Seeking her wisdom, and in this bond, seeking myself." - Joey Morris


This winter I present to you this gorgeous homemade beeswax representation of the Star Goddess of Avalon.

In my mind it represents the Lady of Avalon, the Star Goddess of the sacred isle.

She required five renditions before she came out perfect - which feels like priestess work in a nutshell, you have to work at it until it takes shape!

This beautiful candle represents illumination of the path ahead, restoring hope when you feel lost and alone, an inspiring inner connection with the divine feminine & guidance to your happiest self.


15cm tall Beeswax candle

All my own work recipe and design
All rights reserved
Burn with caution

Star Goddess Spell candle | Hope & Healing | Lady of Avalon