Brand new to Starry Eyed Supplies is the Starry Aura Spell Spritz - a non smoke alternative to the incenses available on store!
The Starry Aura Spritz Spell range has been blended with essential oils, purified Scottish spring water and a dash of alcohol to purify and add shelf life to the product.
Blended to a high standard and tested on this witches' altar space, these gorgeously scented spritzes are imbued with magical energies and infused with conduited energy from sacred space to alter the vibrations around your aura, your sacred space, your home, your vehicle... whereever you want to spritz!


★Genius Loci, Spirit of a Place, Land, Water, Sky Spirits, Nature Spirit communion, Offering for the energy of a place, connection to Leylines, Helping you root into a location★

★Scent - Tailored to the Land and Spirits of your choice!!!★


The Temple of Genius Loci has evolved from a request to connect a person to two locations - where they live and where they used to live, and the energies and spirits of both.

This energy was crafted for a particular person with a particular duo of locations in mind in order to create a bridge of energy and scent between them.


Now, on Starry Eyed Supplies for the first time ever I offer this  as a “tailored to sale” energy - so wherever in the world you wish to connect to spiritually the Genius Loci energy will be tailored to that (which naturally means the scent will be unique, and each one will look different.)


I dig this idea.
I like the idea that the energetic matrix of togetherness and a “place between” exists within the energetic matrix of this construct, but the actual place honoured changes for each person.


It’s roads of connection that are very in keeping with the patreon cycle of Elen of The Ways & Cernunnos, of who we are, how we connect to the land, how we step and walk through the world... how we root to the energies around us, and in so doing, build a relationship with that land and the spirits of it.


On ordering please leave a note with your order about the place or 2 places you would like infused into the Temple.


All my own work recipe and design all rights reserved


Starry Aura Spell Spritz Spray - Temple of Genius Loci - The Spirit of a Place.


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