Calling all Kitchen Witches & Poison enthusiasts!

Get your paws on Starry Green Witch Mug - Fabulous & Fungi ©


I have cooked up a brand new mug for all your delicious Kitchen Witchery potions - and I am absolutely in LOVE with this design, I am so proud of it!


Showcase your spellwork and witchy ways! Declare yourself a wonderous green witchy every morning with your home styled herbal brews in this gorgeous mug!


This beautiful mug has a design on both sides - The front features some of the most fabulous funky Fungi that we should all love because they're amazing! It also features key themes to feeling witchy (in my experience) with herbs, the moon, and of course, foxes!
The back has the gorgeous new cauldron  Starryeyedsupplies Logo! And the inside and handle are black to hide a multitude of sins ;)


All my own work and design all rights reserved



Standard white mug - 325 ml
Should be fine with a dishwasher although overtime fading may occur.

All my own work and design all rights reserved

Starry Green Witch Mug - Fabulous & Fungi